Parents and Printers

The first time I visited Herron School of Art and Design for an open studio day, I wouldn't even go in the printshop. My mom took me to an event and tried to encourage me to at least "peek in."  My dad took me several months later for my first portfolio review, after which, I cried.

Flash forward to my first drawing class at Herron. My instructor was Meredith Setser, a printmaker. She took us to see a visiting artist in the shop who was there producing an edition of etchings. It was beautiful. Vibrant color, printing like I'd never understood it. Now that I'm a parent, it makes sense to me why I needed someone else to bring me back to print.

Either way, that was probably the catalyst for my undergraduate experience. The real driver of course was my folks all along. Mom and Dad still run a RISOgraph out of their home. It's not unusual to go home to stacks of paper on the kitchen counter. They understand registration, layering, the frustration that can build during the process. As I work from my new shop at home, I'm reminded of them doing the same. It's a good feeling to walk in steps of your elders, blood or otherwise.